September 8


September 8





Hi everyone !

I wanted to heartily thank you for the greeting you reserved to « La vie est belle » and to the 13 tour
You are always by our sides and it gaves us a lot of emotion and it is also very impressive.
Marc, Oli, Boris, Ludwig and I can’t wait to make you discover this 13th album, and to meet you on the roads.
It is really close now.

For more than 900 days we have been working and thinking about this, probably like we never had,
The album will occur this 8 of September.
13 tracks, and 2 more, that to say, 15 new bewitching songs.
Within a few weeks, I will come back here, to describe you the tenor.
For the moment, we already are preparing this new tour.
Without unveiling everything, we can already tell you that we have been working on something rare and even more impressive than on BCT.

You all know our loyalty and ethics regarding the tickets’ price, and it won’t change.
However, what changes today, is that we had to implement two rate, one for the standing area and another one for the bench, and numbered places for these last one.
It is a method that we’ve never experienced before, but there are some reasons for that.

First of all, our period has changed, unfortunately, and not in the good sense. For security reasons, frisking, etc, there is no way we can live 7000 people each evening waiting too long in front of the concert hall.
Therefore, there will be several waiting line and no need to come up so early to access to the show. This will permit us to manage you safely.

We received a lot of demands from you on that point. On how can you manage to come to the show without stress and within the certitude of having your spot.

You know that we always refused the outbidding and money selection for our shows. Namely, the more you pay, the more advantages you have (corner vip, early entrance). It is not our way to conceive, what should be a concert. It is a moment, a space of freedom, of shared emotions, and of strong fraternity, like this world don’t give us much now.
So this system won’t be applied to the 13 tour.

On the other hand, we decided to create a special zone (the 13th zone) where more than 400 of you from the standing area , each night will be chosen randomly (on each sold ticket of the pit a special code has been print ) and will be place really close to the stage, (not to say, on the stage…). It will be a kind of lottery where everyone will have his right, his occasion, not to say chance.

But be careful, even those who won’t be chosen, wherever you will be,  you won’t be forgot or injured.
At the time, I’m writing, all the websites, which sell tickets for this tour are saturated.
Thanks to all.
Be patient, we are coming.

Respects to all of you
Love live love


La Vie Est Belle

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La Vie Est Belle

New single !


La Vie Est Belle : Indochine’s 13 first single
Midnight tonight (streaming + download)

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