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Important announcement


Hello everyone,

We have an important announcement today, following what we all feared: the postponement of the Central Tour to 2022…

Until the last few days, we believed in it, we worked on it and we hoped… to succeed in maintaining these 6 stadiums this year. There is no need to describe to you the reasons why we have to do it, you all know it and live it as we do…

More than 400,000 of you have already booked for these 6 concerts, which makes it the biggest musical event of recent times…

But in order to welcome you as well as possible, so that you can also organize your respective schedules, we cannot make you wait any longer, the uncertainties of the authorities are too important.

We have worked to ensure that the postponed gigs are as close as possible to the original ones.

All our partners, all our team have done their best.

The most important thing to tell you is that all tickets for the Central Tour 2021 will remain valid in 2022. You won’t have to do anything more.

The same goes for all the people (medicals and others) we have invited…

Some of you, unfortunately, for various reasons, will not be able to be with us next year. If you’re concerned, you can get a full refund from tomorrow, until August 31, 2021, from the ticketing where you bought your tix.

Here are the new 2022 gigs for the Central Tour :

– Paris, Stade de France, June 19, 2021 is postponed to May 21, 2022
– Bordeaux, Matmut Atlantique, May 29, 2021 is postponed to June 4, 2022
– Marseille, Orange Vélodrome, June 5, 2021, is postponed to June 11, 2022
– Lyon, Groupama Stadium, June 26, 2021, is postponed to June 25, 2022
– Lille, Stade Pierre Mauroy on July 3+4, 2021, is postponed to July, 2+3, 2022

These concerts will take place, with the return of better days. We will then celebrate all together not our 40th but our 41st birthday, with you, and it will be awesome!

Thank you so much for being here, take care of yourselves, we will take care of you too.



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Un Singe en Hiver


> Taken from the album Paradize (2002), and Indochine’s Singles Collection (2001-2021).

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May 17

International day against LGBTIphobia


May 17: International day against LGBTIphobia.

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Indochine Live in London (The Roundhouse), June 11

Coach Party as opening act!


🇬🇧 Indochine, Live in London (The Roundhouse) on June 11, with Coach Party as opening act!

Central Tour

OOut in Vinyl June 9!


Central Tour will be released as a Quadruple Vinyl edition on June 9th!

> Pre-orders from today

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> Taken from the album Black City Parade (2013), and Indochine’s Singles Collection (2001-2021).

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> Taken from the album Black City Parade (2013), and Indochine’s Singles Collection (2001-2021).