Nuits Intimes (Acoustic)

Album (CD) - January 9, 2001 - Indochine Records

Product details

Digital + originally released on CD, CD-ROM and audio tape. Recorded live in Paris (Studio Davout) from November 11 to 13, 2000. 50 fans were invited. This acoustic session ends 2 intensive years of concerts (Dancetaria Tour and Nuit Intime Tour).


Album (CD) : Nuit Intime (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – Les Plus Mauvaises Nuits (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Tes Yeux Noirs (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Atomic Sky (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – D’Ici Mon Amour (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Justine (N. Sirkis) – More… (Nicola Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Salômbo (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Trois Nuits Par Semaine (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – 7000 Danses (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Juste Toi et Moi (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – A L’Est de Java (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – La Colline des Roses (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – Ce Soir, le Ciel (N. Sirkis / S. Sirkis) – Stef II (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, S. Sirkis) – Punishment Park (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas) – 3e Sexe (titre caché) (N. Sirkis / D. Nicolas).


Indochine : Nicola Sirkis, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Boris Jardel, Marc Eliard, Matthieu Rabaté – Recorded live in Paris (Studios Davout) – Mix : Studios de la Seine (Paris) – Sound engineer, recording and mixing : Jean Lamoot, with Rodolphe Sampieri, Gwenaël Hervochon and Thomas Rotrou (Studios Davout), Sébastien Gohien and Fabrice Maria (Studios de la Seine) – Strings (Trois Nuits par Semaine and Tes Yeux Noirs) : conducted by Simon Hale, recorded in Studios Olympic (London) by Paul Borg, arranged by Simon Hale (Tes Yeux Noirs), arranged and mixed by Jean-Pierre Pilot in Studio PABM (Trois Nuits par Semaine) – Artwork : Olivier oLi dE SaT Gérard, with : Komakino – Photos : Olivier oLi dE SaT Gérard and Carole Epinette – Directors : Indochine and Jean-Pierre Pilot – Executive production : Hervé Lauzanne.


Singles from the album : Justine (Acoustic 2001) and Tes Yeux Noirs (Acoustique 2001).