Mao Boy

Single (CD, puzzle down) - September 30, 2002 - Indochine Records

Product details

Digital + originally released on CD and 12″. This CD also features on Paradize+10 – Single Collection (2012).


Single (CD, puzzle down) : Mao Boy (Edit Version 2) (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Le Doigt sur ton Etoile (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis – O. Gérard) – Mao Boy (The Dead Sexy Inc. Remix) (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard).


> Mao Boy is taken from the album Paradize (2002), Paradize +10, and also features on the best-of Singles Collection (2001-2021).