La République des Meteors

Album - March 9, 2009 (CD Digisleeve, 2017) - Indochine Records

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Digital + originally released on CD, 2CD set, 12″ and Box.


Album (CD Digisleeve, 2017) : Republika Meteor Ouverture (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Go, Rimbaud, Go ! (N. Sirkis, S. Combeaud / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Junior Song (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Little Dolls (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, M. Eliard, O. Gérard) – Le Grand Soir (N. Sirkis, R. Léonet / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Un Ange à ma Table (N. Sirkis, S. Combeaud / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – La Lettre de Métal (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Le Lac (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, F. Matuszenski) – Republika (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O.Gérard) – Play Boy (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – L World (N. Sirkis, G. Bouchet / N. Sirkis, M. Eliard, B. Jardel) – Je t’Aime Tant (E. Medeiros / D. Quilliard – Bye-Bye Valentine (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Les Aubes sont Mortes (N. Dalain, N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, M. Eliard, O. Gérard) – Union War (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis) – Le Dernier Jour (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard).


Indochine : Nicola Sirkis : guitars, keyboards and vocals. Olivier oLi dE SaT Gérard : guitars, keyboards, pianos, ukulele, accordion and electronic drums. Boris Jardel : guitars. Marc Eliard : bass. François Shoes Soulier : drums and percussions. François Matu Matuszenski : piano and keyboards. Featurings : Suzanne Combo on Un Ange à ma Table + Je T’Aime Tant, Gwen B. on Je T’Aime Tant. Executive producer : Hervé Lauzanne.


Recorded from September 2007 to August 2008 in Paris (Studio KMS), La Trinité-des-Laitiers (L’Auberge Digital) and Brussels (ICP Studios). The fanfare on Junior Song was recorded in Meudon by Les Muses Tanguent. Serge Plume performed the trumpet on Mexicane Syndicate. Marc Steylaerts, Véronique Gilis, Marc Tooten, Karel Steylaerts performed cords on Le Lac, Je T’Aime Tant and La Lettre de Métal. Mixing in La Trinité-des-Laitiers (Studio Digital Factory, October 2008). Mastering : Studio Farside (Gilles Martin). Album directed by Olivier oLi dE SaT Gérard, recorded and mixed by Gilles Martin (FLAM), with Vince, Lohengrin and Sam.


Singles from the album : Little Dolls (2008) – Play Boy (2009) Le Lac (2009)Un Ange A Ma Table (2010)Le Dernier Jour (2010).