Dans La Lune… (solo album)

Album (CD) - October 12, 1992 - Indochine Records

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  • 02

    Mad World

  • 03

    Two Faces

  • 04

    Anne Cherchait l’Amour

  • 05

    Jusqu’au Trou du Monde

  • 06

    Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

  • 07

    What is Life

  • 08

    Alice dans la Lune

  • 09

    Play With Fire

  • 10

    Entrez dans Le Rêve

  • 11

    Le Seigneur Des Toits

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Originally released on CD and audio tape.


Album (CD) : Waterfront (D. Sylvian) – Mad World (R. Orzabal) – Two Faces (B. Springsteen) – Anne Cherchait l’Amour (E. Medeiros / Jacno) – Jusqu’au Trou du Monde (P. Smith / F. Smith / N. Sirkis) – Never Turn your Back on Mother Earth (R. Mael) – What is Life ? (G. Harrison) – Alice dans la Lune (P. Moxham / S. Moxham / N. Sirkis) – Play with Fire (M. Jagger / K. Richards / W. Wyman / B. Jones / C. Watts) – Entrez dans le Rêve (G. Manset) – Le Seigneur des Toits (version 31 décembre) (A. Belew / C. Frantz / T. Weymouth / N. Sirkis).


Drums : Stephen Irvine – Bass : Mark Bedford – Guitars : Edith Fambuena – Keyboards, piano, organ : Jean-Louis Pierot – Trumpet : Eric Giausserand – Saxophone : Patrick Bourgoin – Trombone : Alex Perdigon – Accordion : Philippe Eidel – Flute, bagpipes : Eric Montbel – Choirs : Marie Guillard, Thomas Davidson Noton, Roger Secco, Edith Fambuena. On What is Life ? and Le Seigneur des Toits : Marc Abitbol, Stéphane Abitbol, Antoine, Alain Begel, Magali Berger, Fabrice Frere, Fabrice Orlando, Michel Padovani, Jean-Eric Perrin, Erwan Riou, Yann Riou, Denis Savouillan, Dona Sixtine, Cécile Tesseyre and Patricia Ullman – Arrangements : Les Valentins and Nicola Sirkis – Sound Engineer, recording and mixing : Jean Lamoot, with Xavier-Félix, Stéphane, Raphaël and Mathilde – Recording studios
and mix : Studio Artistic Palace and Studio Plus XXX (Paris) – Artwork : Marion Bataille and Héléna Ichbiah – Photos : Frédérique Veysset – Directed by Les Valentins and Nicola Sirkis.


Before going back on roads with the band, Nicola wanted to do it…

Few days before Christmas, Nicola was in studio with some friends to record his solo album. He also invited Lloyd Cole’s drummer and Madness bassist. 3 of the songs are written by Nicola.



Some explanations :

– Why a cover album ?
– That is the kind of music I’m listening for years, that touches me personally. I wanted to share it.


– Why do you choose these titles ?
– It was quite hard. I also planed cover from Dylan, Bowie, Neil Young, The Beatles… On the other hand, I have voluntarily decided to cover songs less known in France. My versions are obviously quite personal.


Some words about the songs :

Waterfront / David Sylvian
Huge fan of Japan and Sakamoto, he’s one of the most creative musicians to me


Mad World / Tears For Fears
One of my favorite song ever


Two Faces / Bruce Springsteen
One of his less known songs I think, which touched me the most


Anne cherchait l’amour / Elli & Jacno
The first new-wave french band. I love girls who do rock, that’s why Edith, the guitarist, appears on the album


Jusqu’au trou du monde / Patti Smith, Jackson Song
Huge fan. I have voluntarily selected one of her last song on which I have extrapolated a french version


Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth / Sparks
Also huge fan of glam bands, I was 13 and it was my first rock gig (Olympia, 1974).


What Is Life / George Harrison
The song is quite unknown in France. It was a huge hit on Radio Caroline in the earlier 70′s


Alice dans la lune / Young Marble Giant
One of my favorite band. in 1979 I was among the few who had the disc, enjoying themselves to make it listen to the others


Play With Fire / Rolling Stones
One of the best Stones b-sides to me


Entrez dans Le Rêve / Gérard Manset
I heard Gerard Manset wrote this song while thinking of Indochine


Le Seigneur Des Toits / Tom Tom Club
One of my favorite song from the 1980′s. It was recorded on December 31, with my fiancée and choruses


– Why naming the album Dans la Lune ?
– This is generally what people are reproaching me…