Album - August 24, 1999 (CD Digisleeve, remastered in 2017) - Indochine Records

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Digital + originally released on CD, MiniDisc, 12″ and audio tape.


Album (CD Digisleeve, remastered 2017) : Dancetaria (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – Juste Toi et Moi (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – Manifesto (Les Divisions de la Joie) (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, S. Sirkis) – Justine (N. Sirkis) – Atomic Sky (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – Rose Song (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – Stef II (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, S. Sirkis) – She Night (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, S. Sirkis) – Venus (N. Sirkis) – Astroboy (N. Sirkis, R. Léonet / N. Sirkis, J.-P. Pilot) – Halleluya (N. Sirkis / J.-P. Pilot, N. Sirkis) – Le Message (N. Sirkis).


CD Digisleeve, remastered in full analog from the original tapes for exceptional sound quality. 


Indochine : Nicola Sirkis (vocals, guitars, choirs), Stéphane Sirkis (guitars, jaw harps), Jean-Pierre Pilot (keyboards, programming, piano), Boris Jardel (guitars), Marc Eliard (bass), Matthieu Rabaté (drums), Olivier oLi dE SaT Gérard (arrangements, guitars, keyboards, additional sounds) – Preproduction and voices : Studio PABM (Suresnes) by Jean-Pierre Pilot – Recorded in Brussels (Studio ICP) by Phil Délire – Mixing : Gareth Jones and Phil Délire in ICPBulgarian Symphony Orchestra recorded in Sofia (March 1999) – Sound recording : Hervé Marignac – Orchestration and direction : Olivier Schultheis – DTD edit : Phil Délire and Djoum from ICP – Mastering : Metropolis Studios (London) by Tony Cousin – Editing : Julian Lowe – Directed by Indochine and Jean-Pierre Pilot.


Singles from the album : Juste Toi Et Moi (1999)Stef II (2000)Atomik Sky (2000)Dancetaria (2000)Justine (2000).