Black City Parade

Album (2 CD, Digipack) - February 11, 2013 - Indochine Records

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Digital + originally released on CD, 2 CD set, 3 CD set, 12″, Boxes, DVD and Blu-RAY.


Album (2 CD, Digipack, limited edition) : Black Ouverture (M. Harvet / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Black City Parade (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – College Boy (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Memoria (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Le Fond De L’Air Est Rouge (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Wuppertal (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Le Messie (N. Sirkis / F. Soulier, N. Sirkis) – Belfast (N. Sirkis / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard, M. Eliard) – Traffic Girl (N. Sirkis, M. Peudupin / N. Sirkis, O. Gérard) – Théa Sonata (N. Sirkis / O. Gérard, N. Sirkis) – Anyway (N. Sirkis / O. Gérard, N. Sirkis, M. Eliard, B. Jardel, F. Soulier) – Nous Demain (N. Sirkis, R. Léonet / O. Gérard, N. Sirkis) – Kill Nico (N. Sirkis / O. Gérard, N. Sirkis) – Europane (ou Le Dernier Bal)(N. Sirkis / O. Gérard, N. Sirkis).


Indochine : Nicola Sirkis : lead vocal, guitars, bass, synthesizer. Olivier oLi dE SaT Gérard : guitar, keyboards, piano, bass. Boris Jardel : guitars and back vocals. Marc Eliard : bass. François Shoes Soulier : drums and back vocals. François Matu Matuszenski : piano and keyboards. Charlotte Vanhove and Charline Kozmik : back vocals on Black City Parade, College Boy, Le Fond De L’Air Est Rouge and Europane (ou Le Dernier Bal). Valérie Rouzeau reads a text from Le Journal de Mireille Havet on Black Ouverture. Christa sings on Wuppertal.


Written, composed, recorded and mixed in Paris, La Trinité, Bordeaux, Tokyo, Brussels, Berlin and New-York, between August 2011 and October 2012. Studio KMS (Paris) / Studios ICP (Brussels) / Studios Hansa (Berlin) / Studios SMT (New-York) / Studio Digital Factory (La Trinité). Directed by Olivier Gérard and Nicola Sirkis. Sound Engineer (Brussels) : Michel Shelle Dierickx, with Paul-Edouard Laurendeau. Sound (return) : Christophe Genix and Cédric Pontieux. Voice Engineer (Berlin) : Sam Potin, with Conrad Hensel. Mixed by Shane Stoneback, with Conrad Hensel, except for Le Fond de L’Air est Rouge and Nous Demain, mixed by Sam Potin. Kill Nico, mixed by Shane Stoneback and Sam Potin. Masterised by Chab (Translab, Paris).


Singles from the album : Memoria (2012)College Boy (2013)Black City Parade (2013)Belfast (2014) Traffic Girl (2014).